About Gary

Gary Glenn was a nationally known muralist, sign painter and car pin-striper/flamer. He did work for Paul Newman, Sylvester Stallone and race legend Paul Gentilozzi. He was also an actor and acted in a few films for my Lansing based company, Rebel Pictures. He was also a near and dear friend to my Father, William C. McCallum, and myself.

He was extremely talented, funny and had a great sense of not taking himself too seriously, while still maintaining a healthy ego. He was complex and many times he and I would talk endlessly about movies, when we weren't laughing ourselves stupid trying to make sense of life and our place in it.

Gary passed suddenly in the Fall of 2013, but his work and art live on. I miss him and talk about him daily. He made things a little brighter. He added color to usual grey days.

This award in his honor is to help keep his spirit of unique creativeness alive and while." 

Michael McCallum, Director
GRFF 36 Hour Film Challenge