Since 2009, we have championed collaborative film exhibition and education events in Grand Rapids. We use a community-oriented approach to celebrate film and its makers. 


Our Mission and vision

The Grand Rapids Film Festival aims to increase regional access to and production of quality films that provide meaningful, constructive and encouraging entertainment while harnessing the transformative power of film. Our vision is to implement regular programming that promotes content creation, funding, distribution and exhibition in one of two focus areas: quality entertainment or transformative. 

Content Focus Areas

Quality Entertainment – A captivating story has the ability to connect viewers to emotions and ideas that might not be found in their daily experiences. Films provide a window to another world, an escape from the daily ‘grind’ and challenge viewers intellectually and emotionally, like no other medium. GRFF encourages filmmakers to create content that is meaningful, constructive and encouraging as well as entertaining.


Transformative – Challenging films addressing social issues, injustice, discord and polarizing voices have the power to transform viewers by creating awareness, offering solutions and calling for change. GRFF aims to use the transformative power of film to impact issues by presenting content containing balanced perspectives from credible sources.