2018 36 Hour Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all 25 teams that were able to complete the 36-Hour Challenge. GRFF is so proud and grateful for each of the over 150 participants. 

Here's a recap of the winning teams:

Best of Show: "Never Too Late" by #StayRaw, Compass College of Cinematic Arts Alumni

Best Professional Film: "Total Apocalypse of the Heart" by Started Out Friends, Cornerstone University Alumni

Best University Film: "T.T.I.B" by Golden Shooters From Calvin College

Best High School Film: "The PAIN-TING" by KV Productions from Kelloggsville High School

Best Editing: "Closeted Hemispheres" by Taco Bell Sponsored Team from Grand Valley TV

Best Sound Bob Ross: "Extreme Addiction" by Flixters with Hats from Grand Valley State University)

  • Best Acting: Mimi Mutesa from "T.T.I.B." of the Golden Shooters from Calvin College
  • Best Directing: "Steve" by Steven Spielberg from Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Best Script: "Harmony" by Biggr
  • Best Cinematography: "The Allegory of the Cave" by DareDevil Studios from Northview High School