36-Hour Challenge Winners!

17 teams ranging from 3 to 12 members met at the launch reception on the night of January 27th. These teams represented key aspects of the Grand Rapids filmmaking community with 8 from universities, 6 professional or alumni, and 3 high school teams. 

Audience voting during 36-Hour Challenge screening February 3rd @ Celebration Cinema North

Audience voting during 36-Hour Challenge screening February 3rd @ Celebration Cinema North

At the launch event, they mingled with fellow filmmakers, played some ice breaker activities, and discovered the challenge theme: transformation. The clock started running as the contestants were released to create their short films in just 36 hours.  

On February 3rd, the submissions were screened at Celebration Cinema before an audience of 300 people.



Team name                             Project Title/ Judge Avg

BSL Cinema (Lansing)                                       Short Film / 6
Cornerstone Film Students                               Of Mutants and Men / 5
Empower Team (Cornerstone mash-up)         Metanoia / 6.3
Flixters with Hats (GVSU)                                 Doorways / 5.7
Fruit Face (Kentwood High School)                 Future Death / 6.2
Gold Team (Calvin College)                              It's Been Awhile / 5.3
Good script, b.A.A.d movie                               No Place Like Gnome / 6.1
Grandpa Crane                                                   Woom / 6.2
Irregardlessly Us productions (High School)  Harold / 4.2
Kendall College of Art and Design                   Color Me True / 7.1
KV Productions (Kelloggsville High School)   Finding Me Finding You / 5.3
Maroon Team (Calvin College)                         Dave / 7.2
Marshmallows (Compass Alumni)                  Hello / 7.7
Orange Box (Cornerstone)                                Drag / 5.9
Paint Pictures                                                     Psychosis: The Miracle of Life / 3.8
TDMP Films (Ferris State)                                Periphery / 7.3
The Butchers                                                      Burnout / 6.9

*The average Judges' scores served as a starting point for deliberation. After comments were exchanged, the final decisions took into account the best use of theme and elements over craft and production quality. 


Burnout Created by: The Butchers
Justin L. Razmus, Joshua Kruis, Ben DeYoung

A lost man discovers what may be the key to life.

The film follows a homeless man on a strange journey. The bright colors amongst the gloomy setting pull the viewers into the main character’s story. The Butchers displayed diligent teamwork and, in turn, taught a meaningful lesson with their piece.

When asked about their win, The Butchers said “we were surprised we won since we heard about it on the radio (WYCE) two hours before the kick off”.  The sleepless nights they described were clearly worth it.


Dave Created by: Calvin College Maroon Team Hailey Jansson, Nate Roels, Spencer Allen, David Fitch, Jeffrey Peterson, Marcus Thomas, Alfield Reeves

Dave loses his roommate and seeks a replacement. It doesn't go well. This short film covers a relatable situation for most: searching for the perfect roommate. The hilarious script keeps spectators engaged and interested. The team’s overall approach transported the audience into the apartment with all of the odd-ball characters. The hilarious script brings light to the problem while a skeptical Dave evolves.


Hello Created by: The Marshmallows
RJ Zarzycki, Harrison Gugino, Robbie Ellis, Josh Bernia, Jonny Clark, Joshua Swift, Ryan Faber, Nathan Hyde, Nicolaus Enzweiler, Luke Robinette, Connor Olson, Eryn Dennin

An ostracized young actor locks himself away in an old farmhouse full of taxidermy and begins a quick descent into madness. This film offers a unique look at solitude and confrontation. The Marshmallows used a quirky script and impressive shots to bring their film together.


Editing - Periphery

Sound - Periphery

Cinematography - Metanoia

Acting - Hello

Script - Dave

Directing - Color Me True

Audience Choice (16.9%) - Doorways

Funniest - Psychosis The Miracle of Life