New Events and Opportunities

More than just one annual festival, the team at GRFF wants to provide opportunities to showcase film throughout the year. We see the importance of nurturing relationships among regional filmmakers and audiences, which led us to design our three annual events. 

36-Hour Challenge

The Challenge is held January 27 and brings together university and high school students along with aspiring professionals. For this time-limited filmmaking competition, participants must script, shoot, edit and submit 6-minute films, adhering to the theme and necessary elements provided. Entries are judged and awarded prizes at a public screening the following week. Read more.

Festival April 6-8, 2017

A traditional film festival, this three-day event celebrates the transformative and entertaining qualities of film with screenings, panels, workshops and special events. GRFF is partnering with PechakuchaGR as a new strategy to encourage networking and relationship building among regional filmmakers. 

Summer Spotlight

The Spotlight is designed to highlight a regional filmmaker, offering promotion and arranging the logistics for an outdoor screening of their work at a community park. These are free to the public and strategically placed in areas with a natural draw. If you are a regional filmmaker who would like to be considered for the 2017 Summer Spotlight, please, email Jen @ 

The rhythm of these events allow GRFF to have an active role in the community, maximizing our impact for filmmakers and audiences alike.