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We welcome community support in a variety of ways. For non-profit organizations, we facilitate the acquisition of films that educate on cause related activities. For regional filmmakers, we coordinate the exhibition of recently made films in a welcoming environment. For corporate social responsibility, we connect businesses and audiences to transformative film events. For community members, we provide thoughtful, entertaining forums centered around the power of film in communicating perspectives and experience. 


Over the years, Grand Rapids Film Festival (GRFF) has shaped young professionals in the Grand Rapids area through its internship programs. In this unique experience, students with various majors work collaboratively, sharing creative ideas to implement into GRFF programming. These interns serve as the organization's backbone by supporting festival efforts.

Event Planning
Assist with logistics, standardizing event reporting including budgets, pre and post event reports along with meeting minutes, in addition to day-of-show event management.

Film Submissions Coordinator
Assist with compiling film submissions and watching all of them. Deciding which films are good and picking the right ones to move forward with. Looking for a film geek who has a great knowledge for quality work and enjoys watching films.

Fund Development
Assist in the process of standardizing fund development systems including current and potential donors, sponsors and grants. Utilizing GRFF’s festival director, fund development committee and board to leverage and manage relationships, strategically. 

Graphic Design
Assist GRFF in graphic design pursuits through our website, social media, and events. Experience in graphic design, advertisement, and digital media. General knowledge of adobe applications and squarespace.

Public Relations
Assist in the promotion of GRFF communications support for fundraisers and community events by distributing posters and fliers, drafting initial press releases, updating website copy and copy editing. 

Video Production
Assist in the creation of title and sponsor reels, the compilation of festival submissions and edit behind the scenes footage. Candidate will work closely with the submissions coordinator and festival director. 

GRFF is currently seeking interns for the 2019-2020 school year. Contact John Otterbacher at


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