Philip Carrel

Grand Rapids native and independent filmmaker, Philip Carrel, graduated from Compass College of Cinematic Arts in 2008 and has since served as director, editor and production designer on a wide range of projects. Carrel's passion for film, photography and bringing a story to life, combined with his propensity of travel, has resulted in a progressively adventurous feature-length film, Dýrafjörður

In 2011, Carrel and his wife traveled to Iceland where he captured the natural wonders and unique culture showcased in his film. While shooting Dýrafjörður, Carrel discovered that the locals embraced a way of life that is shaped by what is already accessible around them. They value the beauty of nature that surrounds them and take pride in protecting it.

Carrel hopes that Dýrafjörður will challenge and transform viewer's thinking on multiple levels. He wants  his audience to experience a culture that is vastly different than the American culture, to gain insight on their day-to-day lives and core values. He wishes for nature to be seen as something our culture needs to be more intimately connected with and for creators to take pride in using resources from their surroundings to craft finished products that are uniquely their own. 

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