Storyboarding – Production Workshop

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Friday, April 11
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

KCAD Woodbridge N. Ferris Building

The Production Workshop is the festival’s main educational programming delivery mechanism. It runs Thursday through Sunday, has many detailed components including the live filming of a three minutes short, which is free to the public.

The workshop is designed to demonstrate each step of the filmmaking process through a pro-shoot producing a three minute short. From conception to completion, it connects all the various panel and lecture components into one cohesive experience. Many regional industry professionals and academics lend their talents to the effort.

It begins with scriptwriting on Thursday, April 10. Here, participants are given parameters (such as the number and gender of actors along with the setting) and asked to create the script, collaboratively.

The final product is passed to the storyboarding class on Friday evening, April 11, which is led by Kendall professor Brad Yarhouse. The storyboards are given to the director and his crew on the set Saturday morning.

The Production Workshop set, built Friday afternoon, will be designed to cater to a live audience. The actual filming on April 12 will be hosted by several local media representatives who, during breaks in filming, will interview those participating in the project for the audience. The hosts will highlight aspects such as: make-up and wardrobe, lighting and sound, producing and financing, directing and data capturing.

The shoot will be directed by Michael McCallum of Rebel Pictures and will feature the use of new technologies through demonstrations of the latest cameras such as the RED and the Canon 5D along with camera accessories.

After wrapping Saturday evening, the footage is given to three different editors, who each create their own version or ‘cut’. The finished products are screened on Sunday, April 13 in the afternoon, during which time each editor explains their edits and some of the choices they made. This portion also encompasses sound design since the final edits include sound.


Tickets are closed for this event.