Fashion for Film Returns on April 7th!

For the festival in April, GRFF once again partners with Kendall College of Art and Design's (KCAD) Fashion department for our Fashion & Music or Film Showcase (F&M).

If you missed our last showcase, here's a recap of the event. This video is produced in the loving memory of our special guest costume designer, Bernadine Vida, who recently lost her battle with cancer. Students at KCAD chose a film (Grease) as an overall theme for the fashion line - then, designed costumes for the characters of that film in different period settings. 

2017 Fashion & Music (F&M) Showcase

The 2017 Showcase incorporates  fashion and music to highlight their influence the film industry. Once again, we're partnering with KCAD's Fashion Department along with their Sculpture Department to bring to life costumes fitting for film and music videos. 

Sonja Millic F&M Visting Artist Designer

Sonja Millic F&M Visting Artist Designer

We're excited to announce the
2017 F&M Visiting Artist Designer, Sonja Millic!

Sonja graduated from The Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia in 2010. She has been the fashion and costume designer for many projects, including PWL Fashion Company and Barum Barum Fashion. She has developed fashion lines for music video clips, sportswear fashion, and theater costume design.

This year's F&M theme highlight's Millic's work with music videos. KCAD designers follow Millic's guidance to produce original compositions created to bring life to music video fashion. 

F&M takes place on Friday, April 7. More details on location and tickets coming soon. 

Spotlight Update: Philip Carrel

Wilcox Park, July 15, 2016. Screening of Dýrafjörður Q&A with Philip Carrel.  Photo by: Max Vanderforrest

Wilcox Park, July 15, 2016. Screening of Dýrafjörður Q&A with Philip Carrel. 
Photo by: Max Vanderforrest

This summer the Grand Rapids Film Festival (GRFF) shined its spotlight on local professional filmmaker, Philip Carrel and his progressively adventurous feature film, Dýrafjörður (watch here).  

Through his passion for travel and capturing unique perspectives, Carrel beautifully documented the theme of creative resourcefulness demonstrated by the locals of Dýrafjörður, Iceland. GRFF believes film has the power to transform an audience, and Dýrafjörður did just that. Creative resourcefulness became the theme of the Summer Series premier event at Wilcox Park which focused on the promotion of local Grand Rapids businesses and resources through partnerships and sponsorships. Philip is an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers who wish to turn their career into an adventure.

The success of the event has contributed to Philip’s next adventure in New Zealand where he is currently filming his new feature. Raffle donations were given directly to Carrel to help fund his new project. Since his Summer Spotlight event, Carrel worked with Adrian Butler on a new music video.


If you are a regional filmmaker who would like to be considered for the 2017 Summer Spotlight, please, email Jen @